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I am gone, though I am here

I was born to speak all mirth and no matter

30 June 1973
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The Basics
Age: 37
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Master Control Operator
Employed by: ESPN
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What is a Devoosha?

Devoosha is married to Matt
Devoosha has two cats, Abby and Pippin
Devoosha lives in Bristol, CT, in a house she bought with Matt
Devoosha was born in Saginaw, MI, and misses it very much
Devoosha has an odd sense of humor
Devoosha also has a really dirty mind
Matt likes both of those facts
Devoosha has two degrees
They are an Associate's in Broadcasting
And a Bachelor's in TV Production
These degrees do not mean much
Devoosha wishes she worked in something else
Devoosha does not know yet what that something else will be
Devoosha is a student
Devoosha is open-minded
Mostly Progressive
And pretty liberal

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And now...a little bit more...

I enjoy meeting new people here on LJ! That's one of the best things about the site. I enjoy making friends all over, from all backgrounds. I believe that everyone has something to offer. And seeing life through different eyes on here has made me really grow as a person. I don't have a 'friending policy'. If I did, it would be "More friends!" I don't really care if you comment all the time, or not at all. I like comments, sure, but I understand. I myself am not an overzealous commenter. I will if I feel I have something to add, or if you ask for advice, or if I'm very happy or sad over something you wrote. I don't do friends cuts, but if I notice that you've taken me off your friends list, I'll probably take you off mine. No hard feelings at all! I know that people change and whatnot.

If you have a problem with liberal views...this probably isn't the journal for you. I have conservative friends on here, but they're open-minded. I don't mind reading their views and they don't mind reading mine. But if you are easily offended by a liberal mindset and friend me to either conservatize me...or convert me to your religion...you should probably just move along :)

If you do add me to your friends list, please let me know in a comment on this post here. I usually check regularly for new people, but it's nice to know!

As for this journal, it really has no rhyme or reason. I journal a lot about my day-to-day life. Sometimes (ok a lot) I rant about work. Sometimes I link to things that I find interesting, amusing, or annoying. Sometimes I do memes. And sometimes I even get on a topic and ramble on for a long time about it. The bottom line is that you can expect me to put just about anything on my journal.

I have tons of interests...a lot more than are listed below. I love learning, so I read a lot. Some of the things I read...whether in books, or on the internet...may seem either bizarre, frightening, disgusting, or even immoral to some people. But I don't feel that I can make my own judgments and decisions and opinions on anything unless I know about it. Just because I read about it doesn't mean I do it or believe it.

Now that being said, I actually lean very left of center, though I can admit there are some things that pull me right. I'm very liberal/progressive. I believe in human and animal rights. I believe that people can love whom they choose. I believe that homosexuality is a good thing. I believe that women should have the right to choose. I believe in protecting the environment. Where did my 2008 charity/contributions go to? National Wildlife Society, Greenpeace, Michigan Humane Society, CT Humane Society, NARAL, Human Rights Campaign, Barack Obama's campaign fund, World Wildlife Fund, Planned Parenthood, a local charity for mentally handicapped children, Amnesty International and the ACLU. Does that give an indication of where my opinions lie?

I am also very spiritual and identify most with Paganism. It took me a long time to reach this point where I am HAPPY with what I believe! Whatever your religion, I am happy for you. I will not try to change you! I just ask for the same courtesy. I just think it's more important to be a good person, help other living beings, and nourish the earth.

I am goofy, sometimes immature, moody, positive and a lot of other things. I am a double Cancer, so I have all the typical Cancer characteristics...intensified, making me very sentimental, selfish (at times), introverted, nostalgic, and crabby :)

I have big dreams and am often frustrated that they either contradict each other, have no specific direction, or have no hope of coming true. My ultimate dream would be to move to Europe...but I really can't see that happening...at least not any time soon. I got one taste of Europe in 2007 and am so anxious to go back and explore as much as possible. Other cultures and ways of living fascinate me!

I am a good and loyal and supportive friend. I'm the kind of friend you like to take shopping, because I will encourage you to buy everything that you like. I will be honest with you too, if you ask my opinion. If you are still reading, you might as well add me :)

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Need more convincing? See what these eminent LJ'ers have said:

devoosha is the nicest person. She's very witty, and always has an interesting story to share. Whether be it about her husband or her crazy cats. LMAO! I always can't wait to read my f-list to see what cross stitch project she is working on, and any news from her job at ESPN. :-)

The thing that strikes me about Wendy is how open she is with almost everything about herself. There are plenty of people who aren't afraid to state a strong opinion or share something intimate and personal - such "brave" souls are a dime a dozen on the Internet - but Wendy also lets us in on the small details: where she worked, who she talked to, what she ate for breakfast. Her life is an open book, on display to all who might choose to read it, and the result is that one feels close to her, like one knows her, even if we've never actually met.

Well, well...although she appears shy when you first meet her, later on in your relationship, you realize she is just reserving the best of her personality like a present she will give you later. I find that Wendy is a very loyal friend whose bravery is very apparent in her life choices and her attention to the many talents that she shares with others. Specifically, I notice her devotion to reading as nourishment to her ever expanding intellectual mind. It shows how open-minded she is to new experiences which is unique in this day and age. I just can't wait to see what she will do next...

Having been privy to the inner journal workings of one devoosha for at least the last two years, I have to say that this woman is absolutely one of the sanest people I've ever had the pleasure with which to interact. In addition, she's scary with the brain power but humble enough that you don't really realize she's literally capable of running intellectual laps around you without breaking a figurative sweat. I think everyone should own a devoosha, because that much kindness, generosity, and wit, if spread around, would make the world a much better place.

devoosha is kind, intelligent, very open-minded, considerate, and loving. She can be shy but let that not fool you into missing her strong political opinions, her lusty humor, or her creativity. She is always open to trying new things and expanding herself. I enjoy seeing her entries :-)

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Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 980668
Date Created:2003-04-01
Number of Posts: 545

Devoosha is: a borderline pagan, a spiritualist, a questioner, a wife, a thinker, a good listener, curious, a believer in the goddess within all women, fat, insecure, bored with her career, craving excitement, shy, naive, conflicted, an environmentalist, a liberal, pro-choice, frightened, sentimental, weak and strong.
Strengths: My heart, my mind, my trust, my loyalty.
Weaknesses: My heart, my mind, my trust, my loyalty. Yes...they are both strengths and weaknesses. Because they all build me up and strengthen my relationships and my life. But they can also cause it all to crumble.
Special Skills: Master Control Guru. Has way too much trivial knowledge.
Weapons: A stare of death...
Interests: Anthropology, Geography, Culture, Dragons, Ren Faires, Hobbits, New Zealand, Europe, crochet, cross-stitch, History, my family tree, sci-fi/fantasy novels, movies, tv, music, animals

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